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Regular dental examinations will keep your teeth stress free!

examOur mission at Dental on Flinders is to focus on prevention. Regular dental examinations are central to this. We will ensure that every effort is put in place to help prevent dental problems. Also any existing problems will be spotted early so any treatment can be performed as conservatively as possible.

As part of our mission statement we will always be honest and ethical. If you have good teeth you deserve to know that they are in good shape! Conversely if some treatment is needed we will discuss all the options with you and ensure you are in the loop at all times.

Check-up or Consultation – $125-$150

  • 014 – Consultation
  • 022 – Single X-Ray (only if required)

This is a good option If you just need a diagnosis or treatment plan made.

Check-up and Clean Package – $255

  • 012 – Periodic oral examination
  • 114 – Removal of calculus
  • 121 – Topical fluoride
  • 022 – X-rays only if required
  • 037 – OPG only if required

The vast majority of our patients are suited to our Checkup & Clean Package. If your teeth are in relatively good health, this will help you maintain your dental health long term.

Life-time Whitening Package – $470

  • 012 – Periodic oral examination
  • 114 – Removal of calculus
  • 121 – Topical fluoride
  • 119 – Impressions for take-home Whitening – Whitening gel is complimentary for all future cleaning appointments (6 monthly)

Our Life-time Whitening package helps you keep your teeth pearly white in addition to being healthy. We’ll start you off with a Check-up, Clean and custom make you whitening trays. Thereafter, we will provide you with complimentary whitening gel which you can receive with every routine 6 monthly check-up and clean. While we still need to maintain the health of your teeth and gums within the suitability criteria for teeth whitening, it’s our way of saying thank you for taking your oral health seriously.