Restorative Dentistry


Sometimes dental problems happen. At Dental on Flinders we will work with you to fix these problems as conservatively and comfortably as possible.

What are white fillings? 

White fillings are formally known as resin composites. These tooth coloured resins come in dozens of different shades, which enable us to nearly match any tooth we’re faced with. The resin is initially soft and has a putty like consistency, but once placed and moulded inside the tooth a ‘light cure’ sets the composite, and it sets solidly.

How long do white fillings last? 

There is no definite lifespan. It is not uncommon to see surviving white fillings from the early 90s. Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon to see them fail after just a few years. The determining factors are the techniques used, exact materials, oral hygiene and bite forces to name a few. The tensile strength of a composite though is much less than that of the original tooth.

Which brands of composite do we use? 

We only use the best brands that are supported by long term studies. Filtek Supreme and Aesthetic HD composites are the two main preferences of Dental on Flinders, but each dentist has their own personal preference.

The restorative dental services we provide are:


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