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We only use white composite resin for teeth fillings. fillings

As much as we will try to treat your teeth conservatively and focus on prevention, sometimes a tooth filling is required to restore a damaged tooth. Fillings can vary in size but most fillings can be done from start to finish in half an hour.

All the dentists at Dental on Flinders use white (composite resin) fillings exclusively. Composite fillings are both aesthetic and safe to use.

Brushing thoroughly, flossing daily and moderating sweets and acids are pivotal in avoiding dental tooth fillings.

Symptoms that may necessitate a tooth filling:

  • Fracture of the tooth
  • Decay (holes)
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Roughness/sharpness to the tongue
  • Tenderness to bite on
  • Food trapping

Mrs O
Mrs. O Presented to us with several broken teeth.
The Diagnosis – Cusp fractures caused by old fillings failing.
The Treatment – Complete reconstruction with pins composite resin.
The Outcome – Aesthetic and functional fillings, at a reasonably low cost.

Cleaning Fillings_1
Cleaning Fillings_2