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It’s amazing what a team of four can achieve. 


The all-on -four implant technique was pioneered by Dr Paulo Malo in Portugal using the Nobel Bio-Care implant system. Since then, this technique has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The all-on-four implant technique is indicated where all teeth in a single jaw need to be removed. Traditionally, a full denture or an implant over denture would have been the only viable options, which can unfortunately limit comfort, aesthetics and bite forces.

The all on four implant can improve nearly all of the negatives of a traditional denture because it offers a very strong and fixed solution.

The Process

Phase 1

  1. Initial consultation – 30 mins
  2. Secondary consultation – 30 mins + Lab tech. Photos and impressions.
  3. Surgery under GA or LA for teeth removal and all on four implant. – 1.5 hrs per arch
  4. 2-3 days later  acrylic teeth

Phase 1 completed. Wait 3-4 months.

Phase 2

Ensure healing, reline/redo acrylic teeth to ensure fit.

Phase 2 completed. Treatment complete for most patients.

Phase 3

If additional strength is needed, we have the option to upgrade to Zirconium teeth with a titanium bar. This is not needed by everyone.

Phase 3 completed.

Other Options

In certain cases we could use two implants and do an implant over-denture. Although not suitable for everybody, it can halve the treatment fees.

Fee Structure

Total fee for 4x titanium implants, Alveolar surgery, acrylic teeth only (no milled bar): $18900-$21000 (phase 1 and 2)


There is a life time warranty on the implants and components used. This means any replacement parts can be ordered free of charge. A labour fee may still be applied.