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A partial denture can replace a lost tooth. 

partial dentureA partial denture can be a very aesthetic and cost efficient option for a lost tooth.

In essence it is a removable tooth that is clipped into place.

Its advantages are its swift construction and relative affordability. We can usually get one of these custom made for you in a matter of days.

Its disadvantages include its slightly unnatural feel due to it not being fixed in place and less biting force when compared to implants & bridges.

Partial dentures can be made from a combination of metal and acrylic, or wholly acrylic. The colour and the shape of the replacement tooth is custom chosen to match your other teeth.

Ask the dentists at Dental on Flinders whether a partial denture is a good option for you.

Mr. P
Mrs. P Presented to us with several missing teeth and was not keen on implants.
The Diagnosis – Missing teeth causing cosmetic issues and limiting function.
The Treatment – Upper and lower partial dentures.
The Outcome – Aesthetic and functional dentures, at a reasonably low cost.