Teeth Grinding Splints


Tooth vs Tooth? No winners there! 

Teeth grinding is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to your teeth. A cavity will affect one tooth, but grinding your teeth can irreversibly damage all of your teeth.

Grinding is all the more dangerous as it often happens whilst we are asleep, so diagnosing it in its early stages can be difficult.

Grinding can happen at any age, but there is a very strong association with times of increased stress.

Am I grinding?

Symptoms may include

  • Poor sleep
  • Sore jaw muscles
  • Headaches around temple region
  • Sore teeth
  • Short/worn/flat teeth
  • Fillings/teeth chipping constantly
  • Audible chattering noises & complaints from your significant other!

The Solution

An occlusal mouth guard splint is a custom-made device that will protect your teeth while you sleep. Although slightly uncomfortable for a few days, its custom fit will ensure that it will become very comfortable in a matter of days.

The splint is made of clear acrylic and is only barely visible when in place.



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