General Dental Health Services

Dental on Flinders aims to provide all aspects of general dentistry to a very high standard with a focus on prevention.

What is dental decay?

Dental decay, or caries is a common disease, which causes cavities and discoloration of both permanent and “baby” teeth. As the disease progresses in a tooth it becomes weaker and its nerve may be damaged.

How can we manage dental decay?

Dental decay is best managed by prevention. The decay disease process is one that has several contributing facets. Oral hygiene (brush and floss) and diet are among the most important. Other factors such as fluoride levels, saliva composition and family history also play roles. Depending on the size of the decayed area the tooth can either by watched and re-mineralised  or may need a filling or crown.

How often should I get a check-up and professional clean?

It depends on your age, current oral health and oral hygiene habits. If your teeth and gums are healthy, and your cleaning habits are good, then once a year may suffice. Otherwise once every six months is a safe option. Early diagnosis of dental problems will lead to simple, conservative treatments.

How often do I need X-RAYS?

Again it depends on your current dental health. If your dental risk profile is low, then once every two years may suffice. However, if a cavity is being monitored, then as frequently as six monthly may be necessary to assess size and depth.


The General Dental services we provide are:


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