Nervous / Dental Anxiety

Over 50% of Australian adults report some dental anxiety while as many as 10% report dental phobia! You are not alone!

laughing gas

What we offer:
1. Dental anxiety questionnaire 

Not everyone is anxious about the same aspects of dentistry. The Dental on Flinders anxiety questionnaire will enable us to identify what aspects of dentistry trigger your anxiety.

2. Empathetic diagnosis and treatment 

All the dentists at Dental on Flinders practice with empathy. We are here to listen to your concerns and help manage them accordingly.

3. Oral sedatives 

Oral sedatives can be more potent than Happy gas. Sedatives are given to you half an hour prior to your procedure and will help time pass by very quickly! However oral sedatives require a strict adherence to do’s and dont’s after the appointment.

4. General Anesthetic under referral

If you were after more than oral sedation, we can arrange a day surgery session at Glenferrie Private Hospital with our visiting Oral Surgeon.


Being a dentist in the Melbourne CBD, many of Melbourne’s great attractions are at the doorstep of our dental clinic. Admire the architecture of Flinders St. Station, shop in the Collins St. or Bourke St. shopping precincts or simply have a barista made coffee and relax along Degraves St.