Q: How often should I get a checkup and professional clean?

A: It depends on your age, current oral health and oral hygiene habits. If your teeth and gums are healthy, and your cleaning habits are good, then once a year may suffice. Otherwise once every six months is a safe option. Early diagnosis of dental problems will lead to simple, conservative treatments.

Q How often do I need X-RAYS 

A: Again it depends on your current dental health. If your dental risk profile is low, then once every two years may suffice. However, if a cavity is being monitored, then as frequently as six monthly may be necessary to assess size and depth.

Q: What causes bad breath? 

A: Bad breath (Halitosis) can be caused by a variety of sources. The most common is dental calculus buildup. Dental calculus buildup can be effectively removed by a professional clean and polish. This can be an almost instant cure for some cases of halitosis. Other causes of halitosis include tongue coating, and odours from throat or gut bacteria.

Q How important is flossing? 

A: FLOSSING IS CRITICAL TO GOOD ORAL HEALTH! If you don’t floss at least once a day, chances are you already have microscopic cavities in-between your teeth.

Q: How important is mouthwash? 

A: Its not bad, but certainly not essential as long as you brush and floss your teeth well. Make sure to use alcohol-free mouthwash. Alcohol can have a drying effect on the mouth , and can lead to dental problems.

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