Kittridge Farrell

Dental Hygienist

Hi, My name is Kitt and I’m the Hygienist here at Dental on Flinders. You’re gonna get such a good clean, your gums are gonna look better than ever. If gum selfies were a thing, you would be posting one every day. Everyone in your feed would be like “OMG, can you stop with this? I’m jealous!”

The research tells us that home care plaque control is the most important factor in the long term health of your gums. I could talk about the microbiology of plaque and why you need to disrupt it regularly all day long! Like everyone at DoF, I’m a big believer in the power of prevention and I’m looking forward to meeting you and working together to improve your oral health.

Aside from your gum health, I also have a keen interest in psychology, philosophy, improvisational comedy and cinema.


Being a dentist in the Melbourne CBD, many of Melbourne’s great attractions are at the doorstep of our dental clinic. Admire the architecture of Flinders St. Station, shop in the Collins St. or Bourke St. shopping precincts or simply have a barista made coffee and relax along Degraves St.